Logistics and intermodal services


rail potential

ARS is a company specialising in offering innovative solutions for rail and intermodal logistics.

We develop value-added services dedicated to all logistics operators in the area, with the aim of improving the accessibility of the rail transport system and reducing the share of road traffic.


Riva Tommaso Gulli 12 - c/o Regus, 34123 - Trieste

+39 331 135 6438

Adriafer Rail Services,
or just ARS

From spare parts logistics to the rental of extra wagons for your moult, to a fully equipped wagon maintenance workshop, we can provide a complete range of services and products designed to make the choice of rail transport more competitive and open to all regional and Central European players.

Easy wagon

One-day wagon hire service, which can be customised to the customer’s individual needs.

ready wagon

Quick and decisive interventions directly in our maintenance centre at the intermodal terminal in Gorizia.


A precise and reliable logistics service for your spare parts, at the centre of the freight traffic routes.