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Published data are reusable only under the conditions set out in the current legislation on the reuse of information – Legislative Decree No. 102 of 18 May 2015, published in G.U. – General Series – No. 158 of 10 July 2015, implementing Directive 2013/37/EU amending Directive 2003/98/EC on the reuse of public sector information, in terms compatible with the purposes for which they were collected and recorded and, where possible, in compliance with the legislation on personal data protection


Top Administrative Offices

  • COCIANCICH Maurizio – Representative of the Sole Administrator
    Gross annual remuneration for the office: – €
    Date of birth 10/12/1975 – Start date 20/04/2022 – End date: Budget approval 31/12/2024
    Curriculum Vitae
    Administrative Assignments

Organigram and declaration
Company organigram

Controlling body
Single auditor table



Penalties for non-disclosure of data

No administrative fines were adopted

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Consultants and collaborators
  • Work in progress

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  • 2 Fixed-term employees

Appointments granted and authorised to employees
There are no mandates conferred and authorised to employees (managers and non-managers)

Collective bargaining
CCNL Porti 2016-2018


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Last updated 21/03/2021


    • Work in progress

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calls for tenders and contracts

    • Contract Summary
      see Telematic Tenders Portal – work in progress

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subsidies, contributions, grants, economic advantages

Grants, contributions, subsidies and economic advantages are not granted.

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real estate and asset management
  • Lease or rental fees – work in progress

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checks and balances on administration
services provided

For the services provided, see the ‘General Terms and Conditions offered’ section of this website – work in progress

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    Account: ADRIAFER RAIL SERVICES S.R.L. – IT 73L0892802200010000049948

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Adriafer Rail Servicies S.r.l. does not carry out Public Works

Last updated 02/01/2023

other contents
  • Prevention of Corruption
    Head of Corruption Prevention
    The Head of Corruption Prevention pursuant to Law 190/2012 is Mr. Guido Costa (letter of appointment)
  • Civic Access
    • Responsible for transparency ex Legislative Decree 33/2013
      The person responsible for transparency pursuant to Legislative Decree 33/2013 is Mr Guido Costa
    • Certified Electronic Mail (PEC)
      The company’s Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) address is
    • Civic access
      Article 5 of Legislative Decree No. 33/2013 introduced the new institution of so-called ‘civic access’, which guarantees anyone the right to access data and documents held by the Company in addition (so-called generalised access) to those subject to publication obligations (so-called simple access), within the limits relating to the protection of legally relevant interests, in accordance with Article 5-bis and the ANAC Guidelines. This request is not subject to any limitation as to the active legitimacy of the applicant, does not have to be justified, is free of charge and must be sent using one of the following methods:-by e-mail to;
      -by ordinary mail to be sent to the following address: Adriafer Rail Services Srl, (Campanello COSELAG – viale Miramare 9, 34135, Trieste (TS) – Italy), to the attention of the Transparency Manager.
    • Civil Access Register
      2022 (no requests for access have ever been submitted)


Last updated 02/01/2023

The subject of transparency is governed by Legislative Decree 33 of 14 March 2013 on the ‘reorganisation of the rules concerning the right of civic access and the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations’.