About us

Adriafer Rail Services (ARS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adriafer and was founded in 2022 with the aim of expanding the range of services available to logistics and rail operators, increasing their competitiveness in terms of both integration and efficiency.

In the Italian transport landscape, characterised by a growth of the rail sector that is not in line with European targets, ARS positions itself as a partner for the development of intermodal transport.

We support European railway companies, shipping companies, trucking companies, MTOs (Multi Transport Operators), terminals and freight villages in the creation and management of high value-added railway services.

bases its activities on:


New operational

as a system

The objective of ARS is to support, through the provision of innovative services, the development of the railway mode as a vital element for the growth and expansion of the catchment area of the port of Trieste.

ARS invests in innovation, new operational and management models for transport and aims for greater synergy along the logistics chain, emphasising the centrality of rail as a tool for modal integration in the name of ecological transition.