Logistics for your spare parts or a wagon fleet to be used even for a single day, through to an operations team specialising in maintenance. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of services and products designed to make the choice of rail transport more competitive and open to all regional and Central European players.

We create value
for the Logistics System

Our offer is developed within the extended Port System, consisting of the two ports administered by the AdSPMAO (the Port of Trieste and the Port of Monfalcone) and the internal regional hubs.

In this context of a networked port, the railway assumes the crucial role of a modal integrator linking the various nodes of the territory in an efficient and sustainable manner.

With our services, we want to ensure access to rail transport for as many logistics operators as possible and contribute to the strengthening of intermodal connections between the Friulian business system and the international markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

      Regional Logistics System

      Pordenone Freight Village
      Porto di Portogruaro
      Cervignano Freight Village
      Port of Monfalcone
      Trieste Freight Village
      Port of Trieste
      Gorizia Freight Village

      European connections

      Czech Republic

      Easy wagon


      Tailor-made wagon hire service.

      The wagons you need, when you need them, in the port of Trieste.

      Ready wagon


      The wagon maintenance centre dedicated to the extended Port of Trieste. Reduce downtime and inefficiency.

      Handy spares


      A precise and reliable logistics service for your spare parts, at the centre of the freight traffic routes.